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Registration: N39XK
Serial Number: L332441

TTAF: 1563
TBO: 750
SMOH: 315
APU Type: Safire 5

Original military paint & exterior
Restoration work performed 2003:
Removed all internal fuel bladders and replaced with new tanks that were manufactured in 2003.
Leak check good.
Removed all unnecessary wiring and equipment from fuselage, tail and wing. Inspected all attach points on wing and tail.
Magnafluxed all wing and tail bolts. Installed wing and tail in accordance with manufacture technical manuals.
Cleaned all hydraulic filters and serviced hydraulic system. Performed all hydraulic tests on hydraulic mule.
All systems operate normal and leak check good.
Removed all flight controls and serviced bearings and replaced worn dust covers.
Checked all flight controls for proper deflection angles.
Serviced all rod end bearings in wing and fuselage and replaced worn dust covers.
Replaced all pitot/ static rubber lines in wing and fuselage.
Replaced control rod pressure seals with new.
Replaced all wheel bearings with new and installed all new tires.
Mounted ballast in nose section. Mounted new battery in nose section and rewired with new battery connector.
Hydrostatically tested oxygen, nitrogen and fire bottles.
Serviced air cycle machine with Mobil jet 2 synthetic.
Depreserved engine and sapphire and serviced in accordance with manufacture technical manuals.

Original military interior
Restoration work performed 2003:
- Removed ejection seats and removed rocket motors from both seats.
- Replaced front altimeter with new. Airspeed, vertical speed and all annunciators were silk screened in English.
- Serviced Canopy jettisons cylinders and recovered.
- Reinstalled ejection seats and placarded not operative. Parachutes were repacked and installed on seats.

No radios
• Altimeter, airspeed indicator are installed and converted to mph.

Aircraft is completely airworthy but has not been flown since the restoration, a 100 hour inspection is due May 2006 and is synonymous w/ an annual (w/ experimental aircraft like the L39, an A and P can perform the 100 hour inspection); as of January 2005, you must acquire an experimental type rating to fly L39, Blue Mountain EFIS system (instrument panel) is a very popular, turn key avionics pkg.

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