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The Breezer is aerodynamically designed to be an excellent aircraft for traveling and flight training. The high grade flight quality makes it advantageous not only for private persons but also for clubs and flight schools.

Fly a well-engineered aircraft with great price/performance ratio.
• Fuselage and wings made of aircraft-aluminum
• Cowling, upper part of fuselage and wingtips made of glass fiber
• Sliding Canopy
• Easy access from the front
• Hinged wings optional
• Tricycle undercarriage
• Steer able nose-wheel
• Twin-controls, ailerons and elevators via control stick
• Cabin 46 inches in width

• Low wing airplane made of aluminum /mixed construction
• Two-seater (side-by-side)
• Undercarriage with 3 wheels, nose wheel steer able
• Main gear glass fiber
• Conventional 3-axes steering
• Flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder

Power plant
• 4-cylinder-4-stroke liquid-cooled / air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders Rotax 912 UL version, 58 kW/80 HP, including electrical starter, electronic dual ignition, integrated reduction gearbox, carburetor preheating or optional Rotax ULS 74 kW/100 HP
• Ground-adjustable 2-blade carbon-fiber propeller
• Spinner (Glass fiber)
• Stainless steel exhaust system

Standard equipment
• Upholstery for seats, cockpit and luggage area made of high-value textile
• Lockable cockpit-hood (dyed blue) with fresh air inlets left and right
• Cabin heating
• Luggage area behind the seats
• Hydraulic disk brakes
• Parking brake
• Elevator trim
• 12 V plug
• Flight instruments:
Altimeter, Speed indicator, Compass, Vertical speed indicator, bank indicator
• Motor instruments:
RPM indicator, oil pressure indicator, CHT gauge, oil temperature gauge, fuel gauge




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