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Ikarus C42

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The C42 is an innovative modern two seat airplane that is setting new standards. Over 650 of these comfortable, affordable and go anywhere aircraft are now flying in and around the world.

They are built by Comco Ikarus in Germany – a company widely recognized for its quality aircraft. Comco has been in existance since 1970 and has produced over 2500 C22s prior to the C42. The Ikarus C42 offers superior handling characteristics as well as stability and ease of control both in the air and on the ground. Low operating costs, keep the cost of ownership down to a minimum.

Put the fun back into flying.
You will fly more hours at a lower cost in the C42
“Like to try it” – ”Come and fly it”

World Championships 1997 (First World Air Games)
World Speed Record 1998 (500 km closed circuit)
Winner of the German Championships 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2001
World Speed Record(100 km)

VNE, Never Exceed Speed: 139 mph, 121 kt
VA Max. maneuvering speed, 94 mph, 82 kt
VS0 Stall speed, full flaps: 38 mph, 33 kt.
VS1 Stall speed, flaps retracted: 48 mph, 42 kt
VFE Max speed: 72 mph, 63 kt
Wing area 135 sq ft, 12.5 sq.m
Cabin width 48 inches




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