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Air Bear Aviation was established in July of 2002 with the purpose of bringing the pilot(s) or future pilot(s) new and safe aircrafts, from single to multi engine turboprops, light jets, corporate jets, or jet transports. We have communication with factories to get our client’s that new delivery position or to find that pre-owned aircraft. Air Bear Aviation has contacts in the airline industry and financial institutions to develop current information on what airliners will become available and when.

In the four years since being established Air Bear Aviation has sold 70+ aircrafts. We have sold many Cessnas, Gulfstreams, and Dassault corporate jets, also Commercial Jet Airliners from Airbus Industries, Boeing / McDonald Douglas. . In addition to supplying the specific aircraft, Air Bear Aviation has a proficient lending affiliate who can do financing plan's taylored to your Airline, Corporate, or Personal needs.

Air Bear Aviation is committed to Advancing Everything Aviation..From 500 seat Airliners to your first Airplane, and all in between. The new "VLJ"-Very Light Jets, to the new Light Sportplanes. No assignment is too Large or to Small. To help a new Start-up Airline get their first Commercial Jet Transport, adding to an existing Airlines fleet with the Aircraft they need with a Focus on non-conflicting strategic relationships. Re-Marketing / Management of Aircraft for maximum return and income potential. For the hundredth of thousandth of pilots with thousandth of flight hours now being asked to give up because of a minor medical condition, and who could continue their passion and contribute their experience to new pilots under the new FAA SportPilot Rules. Air Bear Aviation has the aircraft for them.

Visit of for a link to our financing affiliate. They can do Wet or Dry Leases, purchases or ACMI. Please feel free to call us. We are always available to discuss your business and personal aircraft needs.



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